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Thank you for your interest in this event which was held on 5th March 2013. For details on how to access the presentations from this conference, please email chrisgoodacre@soldertec.com

Latest Issues Facing Soldering Industry Identified at 'Tomorrow's Solders' Conference

Soldertec held a successful ‘Tomorrow’s Solders’ conference, in which the latest issues facing the soldering industry were discussed. The results of the Solders Technology Roadmap 2013 were announced and they show an alarming increase in concerns over legislative pressure on the industry. The majority of those who responded indicated that legislation, not only RoHS2 but also now REACH and other global product compliance measures including conflict mineral issues, is likely to have a major impact over the next 5-10 years on the soldering industry.

The two keynote speakers from the UK government’s Green Economy Team addressed the implications for the electronics industry following the recasts of the WEEE and RoHS Directives. Other issues highlighted by the presentations given included the immense potential cost due to inadequately designed solder joints and the threat to electronics reliability due to new component plastics. Currently badly designed solder joints will potentially cost the electronics industry large sums of money. A leading solder reliability expert, Per- Erik Tegehall from IVF Swerea, explained that new stronger lead-free solders, thicker circuit boards and stiffer component plastics have meant massively increased stresses on solder joints, reducing reliability.

The latest drive for greener, cheaper moulding compounds for component packaging has inadvertently created a very significant new threat to electronics reliability. According to a presentation given by leading expert, Bart Vandervelde from IMEC, the new component plastic compounds can reduce electronics lifetime by a factor of 10, compared to only ‘tens of percent’ for lead-free soldering worst cases.

"This technical conference successfully highlighted the current and future soldering challenges facing the electronics industry and enabled delegates to hear first-hand solutions to these issues," comments Dr Jeremy Pearce, ITRI Technology Team Leader. "It is now more than six years since the original European RoHS legislation kick-started lead-free soldering and today’s challenges still include legislative pressures. Also larger boards, smaller more complex components and rising costs are all key trends that will demand new solder technologies and yet more reliability data."

Recordings of all of the presentations are available to purchase for £100 or alternatively individual presentation recordings can be bought for £35 each. These presentations can be purchased online - contact Chris Goodacre for details.

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